11 Qualities Of The Divine Masculine & How You Can Join To It

The divine masculine may be very action-based, targeted on doing fairly than being. The place the divine feminine represents Common Motherhood, non secular writer of The Self-Love Experiment Shannon Kaiser explains that the divine masculine is Common Fatherhood power. It is all about issues like construction, logic, and taking cost.

Kilkenny provides that divine masculine power is at play with issues like assertiveness, confidence, talking up for your self, and typically, combating the nice combat.

The place divine female power will be extra passive and prepared to compromise, Kilkenny notes that typically, “there are issues on this planet we do have to combat for, and conditions the place we have to draw a line within the sand about what’s proper or unsuitable.” The masculine is nice at setting boundaries on this manner.

Equally, this performs into the concept of energy, she provides, and never simply bodily, however emotional energy as effectively. Divine masculine power is deeply related to the warrior inside all of us.

The place divine female power will be very inner and reflective, divine masculine power relishes in doing issues out in the actual world, like having adventures, making change, saying what’s in your thoughts, and taking dangers, she provides. It is also an power that is typically related to issues like logic and significant pondering.