14 Indicators You are Sexually Annoyed & How To Deal With It

Unhealthy views on intercourse additionally contribute to sexual frustration “Ideas like ‘I must be having extra intercourse,’ or ‘somebody ought to give me extra intercourse,'” for instance, are a giant wrongdoer, says urologist and life coach Kelly Casperson, M.D.

“I believe generally folks imagine they need to have their sexual wishes met by a companion,” shares Candy. Usually, this perception stems from their upbringing, society, gender roles, faith, previous companions, “or straight-up selfishness.”

There are different ways in which commoditizing intercourse results in sexual frustration, too. In truth, Casperson says some folks use intercourse as a car for shallowness. “Somebody could grow to be reliant on intercourse as an exterior reward—i.e., boosting self-image—and will by no means really feel happy as a result of inside work that must be performed.”