Four Methods to Adapt Excessive Lunge to Your Physique and Wants

On this asana column, we begin with the standard kind and alignment of a pose, after which supply three diversifications, to assist any physique entry the advantages of the posture and transfer safely via sequences and stretches. Right here, 4 methods to search out the bodily and emotional advantages of Excessive Lunge.

Model Rob Loud teaches embodied power vinyasa inspired by wisdom from multiple lineages. Find him at Yoga Pod in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado; in Denver; and at

Mannequin Rob Loud teaches embodied energy vinyasa impressed by knowledge from a number of lineages. Discover him at Yoga Pod in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado; in Denver; and at

Major Pose Step-By-Step Directions

1. From Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose), step your proper foot ahead towards your proper hand.

2. Bend your proper knee to make a proper angle together with your thigh parallel to the floor and your knee stacked above your ankle.

3. Root into the bottom with the ball of your left foot. Press your left heel backward.

4. Draw your proper hip again and in towards your left heel. Inhale, lifting your torso and bending your again knee.

5. Place your fingers in your hips to help your pelvis as you drop your tailbone towards the floor whereas lifting your pubis towards your navel.

6. Rooting down via your proper heel, create raise in your stomach by drawing your stomach button up and away out of your pelvis towards your again physique. Elevate your arms as much as body your face. Do that with out flaring your entrance ribs or spilling your pelvis ahead.