Are Darkish Circles Totally different For Males? This is How To Get Rid Of The Shadows

Properly, not likely. Darkish circles look completely different on everybody for quite a few causes (which we’ll get into beneath), and it varies on the person—no matter gender.

There’s a pervasive notion that males’s pores and skin is “thicker” or “harder” than ladies’s—so that you may ponder whether males expertise much less extreme half-moons.

However let’s unpack this fable: Analysis has famous that the dermis (aka the place elastin and collagen are produced), is 10 to 20% thicker in men than women, which is why many imagine males expertise fewer seen indicators of ageing, like positive strains. However the thickness of the stratum corneum (aka, the outer layer of the pores and skin or dermis) is similar in women and men. So we will not precisely say that males’s pores and skin, general, is thicker or harder—and, thus, they will completely expertise under-eye circles in related methods.

In actual fact, board-certified dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D., notes that males have some structural variations that will make darkish circles much more of a problem down the road: “Males usually have a broader face with much less ahead projection of the cheek,” he says. “As as outcome, with age, males generally have a tendency to point out hollowness beneath the eyes, maybe much more so than ladies.”