Are You Peeing Too Typically Or Not Practically Sufficient? A Urologist Explains

On the flip aspect, in case your pee is totally clear that’s in all probability an indication you’re ingesting too a lot.

Our our bodies are constructed to take care of a homeostasis, Simma-Chiang explains, so in case your pee is as clear as water, the physique is speaking that it’s adequately hydrated. “At that time, your physique is simply dumping water,” she says.

That stated, it’s not simply water. Espresso is each a pure diuretic and a bladder stimulant, which might enhance an urgency to pee, Simma-Chiang says. “I’m not making an attempt to be anti-coffee,” she says. “Espresso tastes actually nice, it gives you a boost in the morning, and it has a lot of antioxidants.” That stated, it is vital to reasonable your consumption. Whereas frequent urination from overhydration isn’t essentially harmful, it can be disruptive to each day life.