Can You Layer Vitamin C & Niacinamide? It Relies upon — Thoughts This Derm’s Tip

Quick reply? Sure! Niacinamide truly carries related advantages to vitamin C, anyway—that’s, fading hyperpigmentation and minimizing wonderful strains. What’s extra, analysis reveals niacinamide can help stabilize notoriously fussy vitamin C.

Though, in case your pores and skin falls extra on the sensitive side, you may wish to proceed with warning, right here. Some a lot older analysis has proven that mixing vitamin C—particularly the unstable ascorbic acid—with niacinamide can convert it to the compound niacin, which might trigger flushing (learn: blotchy, infected pores and skin). That is why many specialists (together with board-certified internist and holistic skincare knowledgeable Zion Ko Lamm, M.D., in a recent TikTok video) would advise to proceed with warning when layering the 2 components, particularly in case your pores and skin is already delicate to niacinamide itself. Nevertheless, the science could also be a bit overstated: It truly takes extremely high heat for the two ingredients to convert to niacin, which is unlikely to occur at skincare formulations.

In case you are in any respect fearful, although, there’s a solution to reap the advantages of each with out concern of flushing: “Let vitamin C utterly dry previous to inserting niacinamide,” Lamm notes in her video. That approach, the ascorbic acid has an opportunity to settle into the pores and skin, and there is a smaller probability of mixing the 2 actives.

In fact, you must all the time apply your skincare merchandise thinnest to thickest: In case you have a niacinamide serum and a vitamin C-infused moisturizer, apply the serum first and comply with up with the cream. Basic skin care rules nonetheless apply, of us.