Can You Stop Grey Hair? The Reply Is not Black & White, Specialists Say

Primarily, graying hair is simply pure, whether or not you’ve gotten a full head of silver or patches of grey all through. “Lack of pigmentation in hair is one thing out of our management,” agrees superstar colorist and Redken model ambassador Matt Rez. It’s largely as a consequence of genetics and aging in general, and sadly there aren’t any present remedies to reverse these grays to their pure vigor.

Particularly, your pigment-producing cells (referred to as melanocytes) begin to deteriorate, resulting in sprouted grays. “The melanocytes are pigment producing cells positioned close to the bulb of the hair and their stem cells,” explains hair transplant surgeon James S. Calder, M.D., medical director of Ziering Medical. When your hair ages, these melanocytes don’t operate as nicely or begin to migrate away from the hair bulb, which causes a sprinkling of grays. And based on Calder, no complement, nor weight-reduction plan, can efficiently stop the method endlessly.