Get Dancers’ Arms in Simply 10 Minutes with This Higher-Physique Exercise

When you visually examine arm exercises using mild hand weights to, say, Crossfit exercises like the power clean, it’s a bit laughable—absolutely these tiny dumbbells aren’t taxing your muscle mass in any possible way, proper? Fallacious. As anybody who’s ever burned out their higher limbs utilizing *simply* two- or three-pound weights is aware of, that sh*t is legit. And within the newest episode of Good Moves, The Ness founder Colette Dong demos a routine that provides proof constructive of the truth that lifting mild weights seems to be an entire lot simpler than it’s.

“Right now I’m going to take you thru a 10-minute higher physique and arm sequence,” she says casually, as if she’s not about to mild your limbs on hearth. Repeated follow of this routine and others prefer it guarantees “dancer arms,” these limbs sculpted particularly to not solely carry out wonderful bodily feats however to additionally look aesthetically pretty whereas doing so.

The 10-minute size is ideal for a variety of causes. For starters, to optimize a exercise akin to this, it’s finest to push by means of every sequence of strikes with out relaxation, and whereas 10 minutes will really feel like an eternity when you’re lifting, technically you are able to do *something* for ten minutes. The period can also be brief sufficient that this routine might be tacked onto the top of a cardio exercise or used to exchange an Instagram break mid-workday—as a result of scrolling isn’t the arm exercise you suppose it’s.

The one tools required is these aforementioned mild weights, and you’ll choose your poison by way of how heavy you’re eager to carry. Have in mind, nonetheless, that the best results will come from a weight that fatigues you by the end of a 12- to 15- repetition set. When you’ve chosen your most popular bells, press play to burn your approach to gracefully buff arms.

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