Bought The Blues: What A Blue Aura Says About Your Life, Love & Profession

The entire aura colours are instantly linked to the different chakras, with colours corresponding to every. On this case, blue is expounded to the throat chakra, which governs communication, expression, and reality.

If the blue in your aura is brilliant and clear, this can be a signal your throat chakra is balanced and flowing. If the blue seems barely murky, neon, or washed out, it may imply you are struggling to specific your self and your reality. (For this, Kaiser has a mantra to amplify blue power: My voice is my automobile to create concord and peace on the planet, for myself and others.)

And in case you have purpose to consider your throat chakra is experiencing some problem, reiki or other energy healing may very well be useful. As Hira notes, “Because the blue aura is linked to the throat chakra, reiki might help somebody to extend their self-expression and communication utilizing their voice.”

Moreover, blue is commonly related to steadiness and serenity, so for those who’ve simply had reiki, Kaiser notes there is a good likelihood you will have extra blue in your aura afterward.