I Cannot Cease Ingesting This Bubbly Beverage—And Because of All of the Advantages, I Do not Have To

Random not-that-fun reality about me: I’m probably not a beverage particular person. Positive, I drink means an excessive amount of iced espresso, nearly at all times get my eight glasses of water in a day, and have a tendency to seize a kombucha each time the grocery retailer has my favourite taste, however soda? Too many bubbles. Lemonade? Eh. Milk? Solely when served with Oreos.

So you may think about my shock after I found a new-to-me drink that I couldn’t. Cease. Guzzling. The drink in query? Water kefir.

Nevertheless it’s undoubtedly not new—the probiotic-packed drink dates again to the 1800s, says GT Dave, founder and CEO of GT’s Dwelling Meals. “The cultures had been discovered on the pores and skin of a prickly-pear cactus,” he says. “Since then, these cultures have been primarily utilized in Latin communities to ferment sweetened water and juices into various probiotic drinks which can be dairy-free and low in sugar.”

Having bother picturing that? Erase dairy kefir out of your mind—it appears and tastes completely completely different. As an alternative, it’s mainly kombucha’s youthful sister, Dave says (FWIW, I agree).

The water kefir I personally can’t put down is GT’s Aqua Kefir, which is made with natural substances and the identical water kefir cultures which have been used for over two centuries.

“Kefir cultures, additionally known as kefir crystals due to their small crystal-like form, are much like a kombucha SCOBY in that they’re made from billions of helpful micro organism,” Dave says. “Nonetheless, the fermentation of water kefir is not like most fermented meals as there’s no bitter or acidic taste.”

As an alternative, it’s subtly candy (I’m in love with the Peach Pineapple), gentle, and refreshing—and people aren’t the one advantages of water kefir. Carry on scrolling to study extra.

Learn on for 3 advantages of water kefir that may make it your fave drink, too (if it isn’t already).

aqua kefir benefits
Picture: GT’s Dwelling Meals

1. Hydration enhance

Like I stated, if I had a wellness tremendous energy it’d be that I’m particularly good at hitting my day by day water objective. However even for pro-water drinkers like me, that seventh glass of H2O can get a bit, properly, monotonous. On the flip aspect, the sparkly, fruity flavors of GT’s Aqua Kefir are the other of boring—and sipping on all of it day helped me be much more hydrated than regular.

This particularly got here in useful on the times I exercised. My regular beverage rolodex doesn’t embody power drinks (they are often dehydrating) or sports activities drinks (too many synthetic substances). However Aqua Kefir, in response to Dave, “restores stability and electrolytes after the physique detoxes from in depth motion or exercise and breaking a sweat.”

2. Zero caffeine

Whereas kombucha and iced coffee are the 2 most important non-water drinks I drink, they’re not very best within the afternoon. “Kombucha is a fermented tea which permits it to have energizing advantages however generally make it problematic to devour within the night,” Dave says. (Elevate your hand in case you’ve ever regretted your caffeine consumption as you lie awake at 1 a.m.)

I fortunately traded in my kombucha and iced coffees for fruity, caffeine-free Aqua Kefir every afternoon. The bubbles and subtly candy style additionally make it a super swap in case you’re attempting to chop down on sugary juices or soda.

3. Completely different probiotics

“Water kefir could be very completely different from conventional dairy kefirs which style heavy and bitter,” Dave says. “Its gentle and crisp taste makes it a beautiful choice for these in search of improved digestive well being.”

That’s due to its explicit probiotic strains. Regardless of being a bit much like kombucha, the 2 bubbly drinks differ with regards to gut-friendly micro organism. “Aqua Kefir comprises completely different probiotic strains not generally present in most fermented meals, which promotes biodiversity within the physique’s intestinal flora,” Dave says. It’s official: My unique drink lineup simply expanded.

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