I’m A Demise Doula & Right here’s What It Means To Grieve Mindfully

Mindfulness is one highly effective solution to relearn the best way to grieve. Not solely is mindfulness a tool for living with loss, nevertheless it additionally has rather a lot in widespread with grief.

Grief, like mindfulness, is a apply. Take into consideration how a lot effort it took the primary time you ever sat all the way down to meditate. You most likely skilled important distraction, self-judgement, discomfort, and the robust questioning of why you have been there within the first place. That is related of grief.

Grief, like mindfulness, begins off requiring rather a lot from you. It’s overwhelming, uncomfortable, and effortful. Although this ebbs and flows, each practices want tending via your total life.

Grief, like mindfulness, just isn’t one thing you accomplish or one thing you may full. It’s one thing that you simply construct a long-term relationship with. At occasions it might really feel like a hurricane, and different occasions, it is going to really feel like a mild spring breeze.

Grief, like mindfulness, takes participation. It requires presence, acceptance, and intention.