Meditation: Am I Doing it Right?

Meditation: Am I Doing it Proper?

Meditation is just not one thing that you simply do. It’s not solely closing your eyes and focusing on your breath, although for many individuals that’s begin. Meditation is a merging of the meditator’s consciousness and the item of meditation. Uniting with the common consciousness—The Mom, God, Spirit, no matter title you wish to give—is the state of meditation.

We will’t speak about meditation or analyze it to really perceive its results. Dissecting meditation doesn’t get us nearer to the expertise. And it’s not as if the expertise is similar for all folks: It may be reached in infinite methods. Some folks join by way of mountain climbing, scuba diving, writing, dancing, wanting on the ocean, or being with their baby. There isn’t a proper or unsuitable method to be.

I’ve spent years sitting down cross-legged on the ground specializing in my breath. Typically I’m agitated with my “monkey thoughts” leaping right here, there, and in every single place; typically I’ve slipped right into a state of utmost peace and stillness, feeling the heart beat of the universe.

The battle, the numerous expertise, the problem: That is the practice of meditation. The most important false impression about meditation apply is that it’s bliss. Years in the past, I went to a 10-day silent meditation retreat. Was I ecstatic, levitating, and communing with God? No, it was grueling. My knees damage, my again ached, and I couldn’t look forward to mealtimes.

However the classes have been deeper than simply these of my bodily wants and limitations. I realized to the extent that my ego or character wastes vitality, by way of senseless discuss and routine responses to folks. I felt the juxtaposition of silence and solitude versus how linked and cherished I felt, versus being in a busy metropolis surrounded by folks and feeling alone.

Sitting nonetheless, we’re capable of observe the tendencies and craziness of the thoughts. We, subsequently, acquire some perspective that our ideas are, actually, separate from who we’re.

But when we aren’t our ideas and even our feelings, then who’re we? This can be a query people have requested themselves since time immemorial, and one which we should proceed to ask.

Life feels so private. Me—my—mine! We join and cling to our thoughts and emotions as if they’re actual. However how can one thing be so actual when it’s continuously altering? If you’re your ideas, then what have been you considering final Thursday at 2:15 pm?

Sitting all the way down to meditate is to nonetheless the physique and prepare ourselves to let go of sturdy attachments. It’s to launch identification with the concept of who suppose we’re, who we “know ourselves to be,” if just for a couple of minutes.

Gaps between ideas are the place magic and sweetness lie. These are the moments through which we expertise peace and security, through which we’re reminded that we aren’t alone as we battle by way of life making an attempt to outlive.

You do not want to take loads of time in your day for meditation. Even 5 or 10 minutes as a daily practice can have a profound impact in your bodily, psychological, and emotional well-being.

The universe doesn’t need us to undergo. The universe needs us to get up to the facility, creativity, and pleasure that we’re. The universe is continually inviting us to do not forget that we’re a soul in a physique, floating in a sea of consciousness by way of this magnificent and mysterious expression of life. Meditation can convey us there.


Madhuri is a yoga trainer coach, Medical Ayurvedic Specialist, Bio-Vitality Healer and Need Map Facilitator. She created the Madhuri Method: Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training for yoga lecturers after instructing for 15 years and witnessing the necessity for the merging of Ayurveda into yoga courses within the mainstream. Madhuri has had the honour of instructing at: NAMA (Nationwide Ayurvedic Medical Affiliation); Wanderlust; Vancouver, Victoria, and Toronto Yoga Conferences, in addition to being a trainer and information to many college students in India, England, Mexico, and North America. She has an Ayurvedic Yoga DVD and is the co-author of “Your Irresistible Life: four Seasons of Self-Care by way of Ayurveda and Yoga Practices that Work.”