Actual Speak: Ought to You Pee After Intercourse, Earlier than Intercourse, Or Each?

“A standard misunderstanding is that it’s best to solely pee after intercourse, however earlier than is useful and wholesome as nicely,” sexologist Gigi Engle tells mbg. “Having a full bladder throughout intercourse may also be uncomfortable.”

So far as stopping infections goes, Irobunda says there isn’t a actual info or information to recommend peeing earlier than intercourse can really forestall a UTI. However if you happen to really feel an urgency to pee earlier than intercourse, it’s positively a good suggestion to go.

“When you ignore that urgency and maintain the urine in your bladder for too lengthy, it’s simply not wholesome for you,” Simma-Chiang says. “You need to be in tune with and take heed to your physique.” That is particularly essential for older populations, who’re extra vulnerable to UTIs as a result of pure changes in the kidneys and weakening of the bladder.

A full bladder may simply be uncomfortable and distracting, significantly if you happen to’re having vaginal intercourse, which may in the end intervene with pleasure. That is significantly true if you happen to’re somebody who can generally confuse orgasmic sensations with needing to pee, or if you happen to’re experimenting with squirting.

“The rationale pre-sex peeing is required if you happen to’d wish to squirt is that the stimulation required engages the urethral sponge, and this may generally really feel like the feeling of needing to pee,” Engle explains. “When you’ve already peed beforehand, you received’t be so fearful that you simply’re going to pee and subsequently benefit from the expertise extra totally.”