September Giveaway: RAVI Weighted Blanket

We’ve teamed up with our associates at RAVI for this month’s yoga giveaway sweepstakes prize. For the month of September, two YogaBasics readers can have an opportunity to win their alternative of RAVI Weighted Blanket!

About RAVI:

RAVI is a household firm primarily based in South Carolina that makes yoga sized weighted blankets that they named RAVI from the middle of the phrase g-RAVI-ty.   RAVI is the creation of a yoga instructor, Lori Skerjanz.  Lori found weighted blankets when her mom made one for a member of the family with Autism.  She believed that the weighted blanket can be a game-changing prop inside the Yoga Apply and got down to make a yoga-sized model.  RAVI is a patent-pending, small weighted blanket that takes all the advantages of conventional “bed-sized” weighted blankets and packages them right into a sturdy, compact, and moveable model. Please take a second to check out their website to see your entire line of weighted blankets that they provide.

Concerning the prize:

Two winners will obtain their alternative of a RAVI Weighted Blanket.  There are three sizes to select from:

  • Yoga RAVI (8.5lbs) – essentially the most versatile for Yoga Apply, Sitting, Laying, Journey
  • Calm RAVI (7.5lbs) – designed for sitting and meditation
  • Hug RAVI (4.5lbs) – for youths, seniors, and those who simply desire a lighter contact.

RAVI purchasers use their RAVI in a wide range of methods past the yoga mat… in remedy/medical periods, to assist them sleep, journey weighted blankets…wherever you sit and will use some grounding and luxury.