The Main Eye Liner Mistake You May Be Making, From An MD

Nonetheless, doing this an excessive amount of—and with out the correct care after—might result in dry eyes. In a latest TikTok video from Brittani Carver, M.D., the ophthalmologist takes viewers by way of photographs of oil glands which are situated in your higher and decrease eyelids.

“Do you ever marvel why eye docs do not suggest carrying something in your waterline?” she asks. “The waterline is definitely the place oil is secreted for the attention. If the glands are obstructed or blocked, they’ll atrophy and die out. This may result in excessive dry eye.” (Click on over to the video to see the oil glands in motion—until issues like that make you squeamish, then simply observe together with us under.)

This is just a little anatomy lesson on the attention that we have beforehand realized from James Chelnis, M.D., oculofacial plastic surgeon and assistant scientific professor at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai.

Your eyelid has three components that produce numerous liquids: water (which we establish as tears), mucus (which you may discover if you get up with “crust” within the morning), and oil. For our functions, that final one is crucial. Oil truly types a slick across the eye to maintain the water in, maintaining your eye hydrated.

If our oil glands across the eye cease working correctly—as within the case of this video—they can not maintain the water sealed on the attention. “Have you ever ever heard anybody complain about having ‘dry eyes’ however nonetheless tearing up? What’s taking place there’s the attention probably would not have sufficient oil to maintain the water in,” says Chelnis. “This not solely results in dryness however sties and eyelid irritation.”

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