These 378 Metro Areas Have Sufficient Land To Develop Their Personal Meals, Research Finds

The examine checked out agricultural land situated 155 miles from the 378 city areas. Then they decided whether or not it was attainable to supply meals to fulfill the necessity of seven totally different diets, together with a Western food plan or typical American food plan.

The mannequin estimates whether or not 378 metropolitan areas might meet their meals wants from native agricultural land situated inside 250 kilometers (155 miles). Native potential was estimated based mostly on seven totally different diets,starting from a meat-centric Western food plan to a vegan food plan.

Presently, a typical American will eat 5 ounces of meat per day, together with beef, pork, turkey, and hen. Decreasing these charges by slightly greater than 50% will enhance the potential to provide meals domestically, the researchers conclude.

“There can be other ways to do it,” examine writer Julie Kurtz, M.S., MPH says. “Think about, if we in the reduction of to fewer than two-and-a-half ounces per day by serving smaller parts of meat and changing some meat-centric entrees with plant-based options, like lentils, beans, and nuts.

Not solely would this enhance the power to localize meals, however plant-rich diets wealthy have researched advantages, resembling enhancing gut health, managing asthma, and lowering blood pressure.