This Underrated Sleep Stage Is Important For Waking Up Rested

Within the grand scheme of your sleep, not all that a lot occurs in stage 1. Its major perform is to arrange you for stage 2, whereby your physique temperature, coronary heart price, and blood strain lower, and also you really lose consciousness. You are not absolutely asleep but in stage 1, and in case you “get up,” you are possible conscious you had been solely simply beginning to fall asleep.

More often than not, stage 1 solely occurs as soon as in the beginning of the night time, except you occur to get up in the midst of the night time and do not fall again asleep immediately. When you attain stage 2, you progress into stage 3, after which again to 2, earlier than getting into REM sleep. After REM sleep, you go into Stage 2 sleep once more, repeating the cycle all through the night time.