Toluca Swim Reviews

Toluca Swim Suit Review

Since the summer season is already bashing on our doors, it’s time to plan outings on the beach and BBQ nights. Now BBQ is more about food, but when it comes to swimming on the beach, girls need to have some fun with cute swimsuits, right? So why do that with the same old last summer swimsuits? 

When it comes to fashion, whether it’s street style or swimsuit trends, everything keeps on updating with time. What was cool and outstanding the previous summer may just look outdated and boring this year. But hey? Why spend your summer swimming activities and opportunities to slay in the eye-catching swimsuits and slim figure in the same suits you have? Isn’t it time to update your swimming closet and bring some current trends to your wardrobe to slay your swim days just like ordinary days? 

Wait! Before you head out on a market stroll and look for what’s trending and make you look like that underwater swimming princess, why not save that energy into making the right decision. Yes, you heard that right! With Toluca swimsuits being one of the best options for trends, comfort, and variety, why look anywhere else? 

Now, if you’re new to Toluca, you may have second thoughts – especially when we talk about something as delicate and attractive as swimsuits; they just have to be outclassed in every way! But don’t worry, Toluca has all that you need – in multiple designs, colours, and materials. So without further ado, let’s go further in our Toluca swimsuit review and explorer why you should choose it!

A Short Overview – Toluca:

When it comes to Toluca, the brand has been a familiarized name for a while now. It was founded by Balance Athletica, Chloe Chamberlain, Taylor Dilk, and Steve Dilk. Moreover, it was in partnership with Whitney Simmons (a health and fitness mogul and entrepreneur). 

While Toluca hasn’t been around for years now yet, it has made its name in the top brands for being the new one-stop-shop for all types of swimwear. The major aim behind Toluca was to inspire women of all colors to love their skin that they wear every day. It doesn’t matter what shape, size, or color you are – it’s important to love your skin. And to show love for your skin, what can be better than wearing beautiful swimwear? 

Usually, it can be hard for many young girls, teens, and ladies to wear their skin with swimwear and feel confident throughout the day. But why go through that struggle and discomfort when you can learn how to wear your skin with pride and confidence? Instead of trying various swimsuits that cover most of your body and keeps you away from feeling the comfort of spending a fun day on the beach – it’s time you ace each swim-day in a beautiful Toluca swimsuit that covers lets you show most of your beautiful skin and feel pride in it. 

At Toluca, it’s not about having a bikini body that is only eligible to slay under the sun. Instead, it’s about feeling like your body is meant to slay under the sun – despite how it looks. 

According to the co-founder, Taylor Dilk, Toluca is all about a woman embracing who they are. We believe in more than just tolerance and acceptance; Toluca is all about celebration,” She adds on, “We want to take the fear out of shopping for swimwear by building a brand and community that’s comfortable for everyBODY. Toluca is going to change the way people feel, inside and out. We hope to make a woman feel confident, beautiful, and empowered.”

When a brand as unique and beautiful with its collection as Toluca is ready to offer you the best collection of swimsuits that can make your swimming activities more fun and beautified – what more do you need? 

What’s The Best Thing? 

When it comes to Toluca swimsuit review, there has been a lot of chit-chat about its amazing swimsuit collection. And of course, when Toluca offers you such a wide and unique variety of swimwear, it’s just worth the praising and discussion. 

But if you haven’t explored this unique collection that makes Toluca perfect for everyBODY, let’s have a concise discussion on its amazing collection. 


Among the 46-piece debut collection of Toluca that features numerous styles, colors, and comfortable materials, you can easily pick your instant classic choice for every kind of season, especially when comfort and fitting is something you can never miss in Toluca’s swimwear. 

Yet, if you do get confused among the numerous collections and top options at Toluca, you can always count on the best sellers, right? This includes:

  • Juliette: This traditional sweetheart silhouette is designed with a tortoiseshell ring closure. Its shell ring closure in the middle of the top. Not just that, but this Juliette top also features wires from both its sides- allowing you to keep its shape fit on your body. Additionally, comfortable fitting with Juliette doesn’t just end here as it also includes silicone border lines to keep the top in place comfortably. 
  • Ophelia: Next up is this double strap top designed in a traditional triangle shape silhouette. It has an extended ruffled fabric below the bust. Not just that, this silhouette also has adjustable straps like Angeline to help you make the silhouette fit perfectly according to your body requirements. 


You can’t complete a swimsuit without adding appealing and unique bottoms, right? That’s why Toluca doesn’t just limit its outstanding collection on appealing silhouettes. You can complete your luxurious swimsuit collection purchase with its varying coverage designs in the bottoms options. The best one in this regard includes: 

  • Vesta Mini: This cheekiest coverage option is designed with a V-shaped front and back. It’s designed to show off most skin, having minimal coverage and maximum sexy appearance on your body. Not just that, but this bottom also has a versatile cut – allowing you to wear it above or below the hips. Isn’t that something you’ve been looking for? 
  • Luna Midi and Cora Midi+: Both of these bottoms by Toluca swimwear are also a remarkable addition to their collection. These are quite similar in design, offering medium coverage with a fit and cut design for the higher waist. The only difference among these is that the Luna Midi comes in a high cut leg and cheeky bottom design, whereas Cora Midi+ comes along with a little extra coverage – keeping you at ease from wherever you need it. 
  • Gia Maxi: Finally, we just can’t miss out on the Gia Maxi bottom in Toluca’s collection. Why? It’s simply because this silhouette offers you the most coverage and support through its supportive high-waist silhouette design. 


Now the Toluca swimsuit collection isn’t just limited to these swimsuits. Instead, there are plenty more options from its collection, making choosing and purchasing a lot more focused on what your body needs to slay under the sun. Additionally, Toluca also has consistent new arrivals, including its undeniably beautiful Palma II collection. This means that you can never have enough of Toluca swimsuit at all!

But before we conclude, let’s hear other’s Toluca swimsuit reviews on its website and YouTube.

“Love it! I haven’t been able to wear a triangle top in almost forever, but this fit so well. I’m a 32DDD for reference. Love that you can adjust it to be more or less coverage’s”

“The best fitting suit you’ll own!”

“The Cora Midi+ sits at the perfect height on my hips. I love that they have enough coverage to be worn with family but aren’t full coverage! The ribbed material and Palm color are beautiful!”


So it’s time you become a confident part of everyBODY and let Toluca swimsuit help you create your favorite beach look while you let dive in the water with your sun-kissed skin. Go make this summer count!

Written by Madiha Hashmi