Wanderlust Yoga for Gemini Season: Partnership & Creation

Sections of this text seem in The Yoga Almanac: 52 Practices and Rituals to Stay Grounded Through the Astrological Seasons, March 2020, New Harbinger Publications. Reprinted with permission: New Harbinger Publications, Inc. © 2020 Lisette Cheresson & Andrea Rice.

Ahh, Gemini season: When all the pieces feels ripe for partnership, communication, and craziness. Working from about Could 21 to the summer season solstice, Gemini, the primary Air signal of the zodiac, is related to doing and creating—significantly in a social setting. Because the final transit of spring, connecting the Earthy grounded-ness of Taurus season with the blossoming luxuriousness of Most cancers season and summer season, Gemini is akin to the playful preteen of the astrological calendar. It’s a time to get curious, study your relationships, and discover precisely what communication means to you. 

Symbolized by the chatty Twins, Gemini can also be a season of dichotomy. It’s an apt time for frenzied play—for studying methods to let go, and to activate the attraction, even in tough conditions. As gardens start to flourish and fruits start to ripen, this time of yr begets a want to get outdoors, join with individuals, and make plans. This final stage of the vernal cycle prepares us for the abundance of the approaching months, instructing us to take pleasure in working with others as we glance towards the levity and playfulness of summer season. 

Gemini is dominated by the communication planet Mercury. Mercury, most recognized for its unhealthy status when retrograde, is a powerhouse with regards to offering strong power to say what you imply, and be efficient within the conversations of your coronary heart. 

How Communication and Partnership Present Up On the Mat

Yoga is a deep inner journey—greater than a bodily follow, it’s a philosophy and a information to residing. That doesn’t imply, nevertheless, that communication and partnership don’t have a spot on the mat. After we follow, we’re coming into into body-mind communication, and growing a partnership with ourselves. In yoga philosophy, the rising of Kundalini unites the Shakti (female) with the Shiva (masculine) energies. As symbolized by the Twins, it’s the dichotomy of life that really brings us into alignment. 

Although yoga IS a life philosophy—and an historical non secular follow—that doesn’t imply it at all times must be a critical pursuit. Bringing an perspective of playfulness to follow can solely deepen your connection to your self, and permit for the communication of physique and thoughts to be rooted in exploratory kindness. Adaptation is one other key attribute of Gemini, making this season a very good one to attempt some playful variations of the follow. Bonus for those who’re speaking in partnership… Acro yoga, anybody? 

Poses for Gemini Season

Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

warrior 2 pose

picture by YogaPedia

Warrior poses are named for the evolution of the thousand-eyed, thousand-limbed monster Virabhadra, shaped from a tuft of Shiva’s hair. When Shiva was not invited to his spouse Sati’s father’s sacrifice, Sati threw herself within the fireplace. Regardless of his being the supreme deity, Shiva’s exclusion from the occasion created a monster. Even deities want group. 

Warrior II is a foundational pose, usually used as a transition in vinyasa courses. Maintain a shortened stance to guard your SI joints, which join your hips to your backbone, and floor into the outer fringe of your again heel whereas preserving a slight bend in your again knee to stop hyperextension. It isn’t essential to sq. your hips. As your chest opens, your gaze (or drishti) can focus simply previous your entrance prolonged arm—however provided that this doesn’t trigger pressure in your neck. This pose strengthens leg muscle tissues and stretches the groins.

Warrior II prompts the sacral (Svadhisthana) chakra. The seat of relationships, an open sacral chakra is important for the event of significant connection. The slight stretch throughout the chest engages the guts (Anahata) chakra, permitting us to plug into an ego-syntonic group that helps our private truths. 

Supported Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana)

Salamba Sarvangasana

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Supported Shoulder Stand can reap the identical advantages as any inversion when practiced towards a wall. This form helps to flow into lymph fluid, bolstering the immune system. 

Place a blanket a couple of foot from the wall. Stroll your ft up the wall, and start to softly roll onto your shoulder girdle—the muse for the pose is the shoulder girdle, not the neck. Press into your triceps and produce your arms to your decrease again for help as you tilt your pelvis to raise your hips. Lengthen your legs as your shoulders can readily help. You may as well follow the form from a supported Bridge Pose by inserting a block beneath the again of your pelvis, after which lifting your ft to increase your legs upward.

Shoulder Stand stimulates the throat (Vishuddha) chakra, the seat of expression. An open throat chakra ensures that we’re capable of talk what we want—with our companions or in any other case. The throat is the energetic bridge of our coronary heart, the middle of affection and relationships, and our higher chakras, the seats of instinct and divine union. 

Modified 4-Limbed Workers Pose (Chaturanga Dandasana) 

The hypnotic aspect of a vinyasa class usually results in escapism. The predictability of widespread cues (ie: “take a vinyasa”) causes extra tuning out than in, as we fall into acquainted habits and patterning. Chaturanga is very precarious, as a result of it’s an anticipated transition that hyperlinks sequences collectively. Understanding what the physique is speaking is essential—adapting a pose may be an effective way to drag the mind-body into partnership. 

To adapt Chaturanga, decrease your knees and place your palms simply large of your elbows, sustaining a impartial backbone. Start by decreasing a 3rd of the best way down with out collapsing your chest or shoulders. Press again up, then decrease once more, perhaps midway down. Both press again up and transition again to Downward Canine, or shift ahead to decrease all the best way to the bottom. From right here, a Child Cobra is an choice to facilitate a delicate opening of the chest to activate the guts (Anahata) chakra, or, you’ll be able to decide out and press into your palms and knees to return to your beginning place. 

Large-Legged Ahead Fold (Prasarita Padottanasana)

prasarita padottanasanaAhead Folds activate the rest-and-digest perform of the nervous system. Because the thoughts enters a relaxed state, we expertise aid from nervousness, stress, and even delicate despair—permitting the physique to search out playfulness even in discomfort. Large-Legged Ahead Fold strengthens the hamstrings, calves, and ankles, because the decrease again releases and hips open. There are numerous methods to discover the form to stretch the shoulders and higher again and strengthen the wrists. Chances are you’ll interlace arms behind your sacrum and stretch overhead, clasp arms behind your cranium, or place palms to the bottom and attain for reverse ft or ankles. 

Rooting the arms and ft into the earth sends the feeling of prana or qi all through the circuitry of your physique like {an electrical} present. By softening your knees to hinge ahead with a impartial backbone, a delicate rush of blood flows to your head and relieves stress in your neck and shoulders, creating a sequence response to open the throat (Vishuddha), third eye (Ajna) and crown (Sahasrara) chakras. The groundedness of the form also can steadiness the basis (Muladhara) chakra.

Lisette CheressonLisette is a author, yoga trainer, and content material director. She’s a member of the founding management group for Yoga Unify, a brand new yoga non-profit, the Director of Advertising at Mammoth Yoga Pageant, and the co-author of The Yoga Almanac. Lisette accomplished her 200-hour coaching in Brooklyn and her Reiki attunement in India, and furthered her research with Leslie Kaminoff of the Respiration Venture, Tiffany Cruikshank, and Andrew Holecek. She’s additionally a Grief Coach and Demise Doula, whose work is concentrated on integrating the instruments of mindfulness and asana for grief therapeutic and end-of-life nervousness. A filmmaker in a previous life, Lisette has made movies with group leaders similar to Dharma Mittra, Eddie Stern, and Eoin Finn. She lives along with her husband and animals within the Hudson Valley, NY..


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