You Most likely Have A number of Curl Patterns On Your Head: four Ideas To Goal Them All

Product cocktailing, or mixing completely different stylers collectively, will help you obtain completely different hair wants in a single fell swoop. Let’s say your hair is begging for some hydration, definition, and lightweight maintain—you’ll be able to combine three merchandise altogether to reinforce the outcome. Sounds easy, however like several skilled mixologist, you’ll be able to’t simply chuck in a random assortment of substances and count on a stellar outcome.

The important thing to cocktailing is to verify your merchandise don’t separate, as not all stylers could be cocktailed collectively. Based on Bowman, “oils could be combined with lotions, gels, or mousses. By no means combine lotions, gels, or mousses collectively; at all times layer these merchandise!” To check, hairstylist Gigi Lenora suggests mixing the merchandise on the again of your hand and see in the event that they separate—if the merchandise don’t mesh nicely collectively, chances are high they gained’t mix on the strand.